2021 Show Fees


Class Fee


$20/judge Trail/Hunters Includes warm up

$30/class Interscholastic Scholarship Competition

$150 Cutting Includes cattle

$8/judge Youth 11 and under

$12/judge Youth 13 and under

All Show Fee

$450 Includes entry, all AQHA classes except Cutting,

All divisions: Open, Youth, Youth & Amateur, L1, L2, L3

Does not include stall, office, drug, late, haul in, NSBA, NRCHA, Video or cattle fees


$10/Judge Youth includes $3 NSBA sanction fee

$12/Judge Open and Amateur includes $3 NSBA sanction fee

Fall Championship-One NSBA judge shows 1 -3 Two NSBA judges shows 4-6
$50 NSBA Futurity classes


AzRCHA approved
See NRCHA Fees Page

Stall Fee


Stalls will be available Noon on Monday Sept.20 thru 6 AM Monday Sept. 27.

All Stalls must be reserved and paid for online at



$15 processing fee for all cancelled stalls. No convenience fee for stalls paid for online.

For preassigned stalls, all stalls must be reserved by 9/8/21

AQHA Admin Fee

$8 per horse per show

Office Charge

$35 per horse

Late Fee

$40 per horse for all entries made after 9/5/21

Haul In Fee

$15 per horse per day

Warm Up

$10 Western Pleasure-Hunter Under Saddle

$35 Reining

*Cattle Fees

$70 Cowhorse

$35 Boxing

$30 VRH Cow work

$30 VRH Cutting

$25 VRH Ltd. Cow work

Free Youth Cattle Classes:

Youth Boxing and Cow Horse exhibitors in all AQHA and NRCHA classes will not pay  ANY cattle charges or entry fees — including Judge’s fees. SJ RANCH will be paying all cattle/entry fees for youth.

*CATTLE RESERVATIONS. Any cattle class entries received after 9/5/21  will be subject to rerun cattle. Cattle fees are subject to current market cost and are subject to change. Any cattle classes that are scratched, entry will be responsible for cattle fees.

Credit Card/ NSF
There is a 4% convenience  fee for credit card payments for entries.  Checks or credit cards that are declined or NSF checks that come back from bank will be charged $40.00.

Close Out Fee
Statements not closed out in the office before the end of the show will be closed out after the show and charged a $15 close out fee.