Arizona Reined Cow Horse Association

$10,000 Added Rogers Heaven Sent Ranch NRCHA Futurity

$5,000 added Non Pro Derby.

There will also be 2 full slates of NRCHA classes with a total of $3,800 in added money.

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Western Pleasure and Hunt Seat Futurities

$5,000 Added CINCH NSBA $1,500 Novice Horse Pleasure Futurity (as of Sept. 1)

$5,000 Added CINCH NSBA $2,500 Novice Horse Pleasure Futurity

$5,000 Added NSBA 3 Year Old Open HUS Futurity, Limited Rider Incentive, Sponsored by D Designs & Hot Ones Only

$5,000 Added Blue Ribbon Custom Tack NSBA 2 Year Old Maiden Pleasure Futurity 

$5,000 Added Blue Ribbon Custom Tack NSBA 3 Year Old Non Pro Open/Int. Pleasure Futurity

$5,000 added  NSBA 2 Year Old Open Pleasure Futurity Limited Rider Incentive Sponsored by Rusty Green Show Horses

NSBA 3 year Old Open Futurity
Added Money TBD (To Be Determined) – Limited Rider Incentive

NSBA Open Maturity Added money TBD –  Limited Rider Incentive

NSBA 2 year Old Non Pro Added money TBD

NSBA 3 Year Old Non Pro Ltd.   Added money TBD

NSBA Non Pro Maturity Open/Int  Added money TBD

NSBA Non Pro Maturity Ltd.  Added money TBD 

NSBA 2 year Old Maiden- Added TBD

NSBA 2 Year Old Open Futurity  Added TBD — Limited Rider Incentive

NSBA 2 Year Old Non Pro Futurity Added TBD

NSBA 3 Year Old Non Pro Added TBD

NSBA Open Maturity — Limited Rider Incentive

NSBA Non Pro Maturity

Ranch Futurities& Derbies

Farnam $5,000 Added 3 and 4 Year Old Ranch Horse Futurity


$2,500 Added 5 & 6 Year Old  Non Pro Ranch Riding Derby  

Sponsored by Jimmy Daurio  Performance Horses and Seth Fender Performance Horses

Cinch $5,000 Added  5 & 6 Year Old  Open Ranch Riding Derby


Ranch Riding Derbies & Futurities  are All Breed. Derby Horse must be shown in a Bridle or Two Rein. Futurity horse may be shown in Snaffle, Hackamore, Bridle or Two Rein. All equipment must be AQHA legal equipment. Both Derby  classes will run on Sunday Sept. 27, Futurity will run on Sept 30.

Trail Futurities

$3000 added NSBA 3 yr. Old Trail Futurity
$2000 added NSBA 4 and 5 year Old Trail Futurity 
$500 added 3 and 4 Year Old Non Pro Trail


$3000 added NSBA Green Junior Western Riding
Sponsored by Kent Ray Taylor


And Just For Fun…

Billy Williams of Nightwatch is offering Bonus Money:
If the winning horse is a Nightwatch customer he will give them $250 In the following classes:
AM WP CLASS 3125 on 10/2
AM HUS CLASS 3915 on 10/3
AM TRAIL L3. 3520 on 10/3
Select AM TRAIL L3 3516. On 10/3
PLUS they will give $250 to the owner and $250 to the Trainer of the JR Trail class 3512 on 10/3 if they are a customer ThanksBS NIGHTWATCH LL!