Enter On-Line

We are excited to announce the new on-line entry portal from Horse Show Tracker is available for fast, convenient and safe class entries. You will also be able to add classes through the app so you spend less time in the Show Office!

The office staff really encourages everyone to enter at least one class on Horseshowtracker so that they can have back numbers ready at the show. 




You can add or scratch classes as normal in the show office.  When you pick-up your back numbers, you can give them a check for your entries if you do not want the credit card on file charged at the end of the show.


If you do not enter on the horseshowtracker, the show office WILL NOT give out back numbers until there is a check or credit card on file.

Start Now
Use a browser on your computer (Chrome is preferable) or use your mobile device (Safari on iOS, Chrome on Android) and go to horseshowtracker.com. Click on the “Enter Show” icon. If you are a first time user with the new Tracker Passport, sign up for a new account, otherwise log in with your user name. Complete your profile then select “Fall Championship & Pinnacle Circuit” from the list of available shows to enter your horse and class information.

You can add the Tracker icon to your home screen for fast access to schedules, results and more during the show.


Enter at horseshowtracker.com